Vendôme – White Bronze

2016 – 2022

Solid White Bronze

Vendôme 25 – H25cm (H10in)
Vendôme 42 – H42cm (H16.5in)
Vendôme 47 – H47cm (H18.5in)
Vendôme 53 – H53cm (H21in)
Vendôme 68 – H68cm (H27in)

Available from Fredrikson Stallard studio

The tall statuesque postures of “Vendôme”, a series of candlesticks, express a rawness of form and immediacy of process. The primitive and primeval qualities of hand formed soft clay being captured and transformed in solid bronze, bring a sense of historic permanence to the momentary gestures of creation and chimes perfectly with contemporary sensibilities.

Sculpturally dynamic with the artist intentionally leaving traces of urgency of movement, creating elegant forms which become imposing, figurative, human. There is a sense that in the process of making the artist has suddenly stopped, departed, leaving raw cuts and tool marks unfinished, fallen pieces of clay are left on the base to be forever recorded and repeated in bronze. The organic forms of the base are cut to form two straight sides as if to just partially begin to dictate the pieces potential life as a product beyond sculpture. This record of a moment in time extends beyond simply the object to describe the process of creation in the artists studio, a glimpse, a snapshot into the creative environment, adding a layer of authenticity into the final permanence of the bronze works.

Vendôme”, characteristic works from the atelier of Fredrikson Stallard push past the idea of materiality as something to be shaped and instead embracing it as a primary medium of creativity. Fredrikson Stallard are unique in their ability to bring to rawness a quality of classical sophistication.