Camouflage Daybed Patinated Carbon Steel.

We just finished a major expansion of our studio including our roof terrace. Apart from 250 silver birches, a sculpture and 10 Koi fish, there was only one piece of furniture we kept, the monumental Camouflage Daybed. And last week we made and installed a new Camouflage banquette.

In an interview at the opening of Salone in Milan, we said in an almost manifestorial way that modernism killed so many of the human nuances such as the importance of sculptural aesthetics that make our lives richer. With outdoor furniture the design criteria was always to be able to fold, stack and store the outdoor furniture until the weather would allow us to spend time outside again.

These works inhabit the duality that will allow them to be left outside all year and additionally enrich our lives and environment as sculptural objects. Like a fallen tree or a flat rock, that would become natural seating and tables in warmer weather but have an equally beautiful life out of season, the Camouflage works change emphasis with the seasons.

Imagine these works in a snow laden garden landscape when the snow lands on the pieces outlining the camouflage pattern.