Drowning in colours…⁠

Glazing ceramics is painting for another moment, anticipating the flow of the glass onto the ceramic in the heat of firing, when you will neither see it nor have any further control in the flux of the glass.⠀

Cobalt, Azur, the bleeding crimson to the soft rose, the vermilion, the palladium to the burnt charcoal. The colours that we create with our imagination in the depth of our studio. Images of the first batch of colours for a new body of work. These chemistry experiments take time, many of them are rejected, but there are always some incredible surprises which we develop further.
Every time we open our Kiln, “Mother” as we call her, you have this incredible feeling of anticipation. Often she is way too hot to open but you just can’t help but to have a quick peep inside. Glazes are chemistry and we create these pretty much in what can only be described as a laboratory in our studio. Documenting quantities of silica, sodium and Alumina with colorants such as iron oxide, copper and cobalt carbonate and sometimes even gold. It takes time. Its not easy but never boring. There are so many elements to consider, the clay, temperature, oxygen level, the speed of firing and cooling down, needless to say most of the results are rejected, but there are just the few that makes it all worthwhile. Here is a little preview of the successful glazes that we been cooking in our studio. These are not just colour, they are selected for their different depths, textures, opacity and will form the coating, underlining the context and amplify the abstraction, of our new work.