Hybrideae Performance

Our amazing creative collaboration with musician and composer Rosey Chan to celebrate our bronze works, Hybrideae, is featured on the Virtual Design Festival.⠀

The Abstraction of the Hybrideae works set the tone to collaborate with Rosey Chan. The sculptures told us Bach would be the perfect ambience, but it needed to be pushed up to the contemporary. Rosey Chan composed the outline for the improvisation performed together with Cellist Gerald Peregrine.⠀

The works were born as analogue but were repeatedly taken through the realms of digitalisation, something that was echoed in the extraordinary performance.⠀
The acoustics of our studios cavernous space kept 200 guests captivated for 30 minutes whilst Gerald and Rosey improvised the duet in front of our Rorschach like animation.⠀
Pure magic…..Again please!⠀

Hybrideae Performance (edited version), 2017⠀

Fredrikson Stallard Studio, London⠀

Rosey Chan, Gerald Peregrine

Music Composition
Rosey Chan⠀

Fredrikson Stallard⠀

Artistic Direction
Fredrikson Stallard⠀